In case we never meet again…

I’m an artist who lives wherever I find inspiration. In my lifetime, I’ve lived countless lives. Life has proven to be quite episodic again and again, and nothing captures this better than the space of interactivity. My mind floods with thoughts, feelings, ideas that I often need to purge to stay sane. I write poetry, letters to nobody, take photographs, make videos, draw, and paint, but I find creating experiences to be the most unusually expressive canvas for communication.  My religion is truth, and I believe, in this age, if we don’t understand how to use technology, it will learn how to use us.  I absolutely hate people, but remain idealistically hopeful about humanity.

I consider myself more of a Meta-Artist than artist. I don’t ever feel that I had much talent as an artist. There’s really not much that sets me apart except for how often and much i think about everything.  I like to create things that create artistic expressions and experiences, hence “Meta.”

Nice of you to find me…


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