Pennies From Heaven

I sang pennies from heaven. Wally didn’t want me to scat. I mean, he said that I was good at it. I guess for not ever really done it before, I should be satisfied. I guess he doesn’t want anyone scatting for the rest of the semester.

He also doesn’t like irealb. He sent me to this other site which was pretty cool.

I’m getting more and more comfortable with the microphone. I also got some other work done during class.

Big band is fun… I need to practice more. I asked a lady in the office, if I have 30-45 minutes to practice, if I still should.. She said, “you should practice even if you have 2 minutes.” one guy said that you often get better practices in short times b/c you are more focused.

In improv class, we had our exam. i find this theory and the patterns of the scales to be soooo beautiful. no one had ever explained this stuff to me.

there are 4 alterations:

  • b9
  • #9
  • #11
  • b13

E9(b13) is whiletine!

Ma7 Dom7 Aug7 have no natural 11!

B(b9) – diminished up a half step

b9b13 and #9b13 – altered dom

9b13 – wholetone

13(#11) – lydian dominant (lowered 7th)

highest unaltered number first

11 is a sub for the 3

11 is 1/2 step from 3

43 suspension – Ahhh Men!

can’t hear the chord.. suspended 11

1 – ionian -major scale

2 – dorian

3 – phrygian

4 – lydian

EXAM: what key to play for chords, scale, altered scale, 8 bar tune analysis.


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