first tenor (again?)!

i made first tenor again.. lol… 7 saxophones tried out… i think i get this spot, b/c i’m good with computers and can help with websites..

i need to practice practice practice!!!

anyhow, i’m taking a class on singing… the singers we talked about were as follows.

  • sarah vaughn – straight
  • ella – acrobatic – blue skys
  • anita oday – lived to be a senior citizen
  • aretha
  • carole king
  • amy winehouse
  • patsy cline
  • dianna krall
  • “hold back” christina aguilera!
  • nat king cole
  • tony bennett
  • Nora Jones
  • Buble
  • Stevie Wonder
  • Sinatra
  • Mccartney
  • Billy Joel
  • Elton John
  • Adele

He said that Bruno mars and Adele stuck with the real instruments while all others focused on electronic.. it’s such an interesting divide.

The instructor, wally said that we can entertain him even if we sang off key… that singers always get the credit.. and that singers are always more moody that instrumentalists… haha.

my first song I sang was, Autumn leaves.. and i forgot the lyrics.. haha… i’m also afraid of the mic, but that was to be expected.

anyhow, i scatted a chorus and he said that the chords going down was a challenge..

i need to ask ray what that’s called (also about the type of tags at the end of songs)..

anyhow, i think he said i had a good voice. one of the students asked if i played saxophone, he said that my high notes were really rich (or something)… haha, i can’t wait to get used to this!

he told me to maybe stick with this song.. i let everyone else move on.. eh, i want to do pennies from heaven!.. they sound very similar.


for IV chords

  • 2 ma7 chords in a row built in 4ths – vice versa
  • min7 with a ma7 up a half.. iii IV and vice versa

If you don’t see these 7 situations for a minor then it is a ii

if you don’t see the 2 situations for a ma7 then it is a I

then we analyzed Body and Soul… i gotta admit, i needed a little help, so i eaves dropped on the advice he was giving a nearby student.

90% of songs start on a I… 9% start on the ii.. 1% start on the IV

you learn all this at the university of 52nd street in NY city…

i saw a buncha dominant chords going down, and asked if that was keychange/keychange/keychange.. he said yea.. i said there was one of those in autumn leaves too!..

i asked why there needs to be a VI dominant.. and he said b/c 3rd and 7th are tritones …

dominant chords want to move and vi subs to a I, which stays in one place… stays still

C13 – B13 – Bb13 – Bb7b9b13

tritone sub halfstep… dominant VI is a pivot chord….. function as 2….




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