wrapping up the semester!

had some deepening of friendships this term… got to hang out a bit with the old combo, when the guitar player was recording tunes… bought them all appetizers… its such an interesting difference in lives… all my other friends are “professionals”.. haha.. met some new people too..

today, after the piano-sheets final… i went over to a classmates house and we jammed to autumn leaves.. haha.. i was on keys.. chris on guitar.. chris on trumpet… emily on voice… love the spontaneous jam seshes…

we ended the improv class with circle of 5ths one measure each… i gotta admit that i can go by ear a little bit, so ray doesnt have to keep reminding me where i am, but halfway through, i get a bit muddled.. haha…

ray tells us to go see and hear everything.. b/c people dont listen anymore….. he used to go sit through ALL the recitals in college… free music!

speaking of performances.. i practiced for like over 5 hours the day before.. just on solos… i had irealb play 20 times and then after it was done, i’d do another 20 times.. that app did me good…

i’m at a new level with practicing.. gotta set myself some goals!

the concert was awesome.. my one other solo got cut.. oh well.. i had 14 people come see me!!! yikes!…

i was trembling for “when i fall in love”… i was so scared… my guitar player saw me shaking.. said i looked nervous, but had no reason to be…

i played it awesome!… jon smiled as he waited for me to finish.. and then said, “you sounded great.. that was the best you ever played it”…

that smile was the biggest compliment  🙂

on the way out, i saw ray… he said “nice playing donna, you sounded great.. you did good.. it was just in 2 keys”…

these are the best teachers i’ve ever had… they treat me as if i am as good as i could be…!!!

it works.. i cant believe i played a song that just featured ME the whole time!!… but i did it!

i did ok on my final, but couldve done better… ray said it was good enough… those 2-5s are HARD!… He asked if i was doing intermediate and I AM!…



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