Vibratos and Big Bands :)

This semester is wrapping up!… I feel more motivated in music than ever. If only I didn’t have other things to do.. haha.

Rays big band and a sax Master Class..

i went to see ray’s band with Chris, Bobby, and Nathan.

Mary Fettig gave the master class for sax beforehand. and, at this point, anything anyone has to tell me is worth its weight in gold…

she said the first thing to work on is long notes… 2 beats straight and 2 beats vibrato @ 60 bpm (2 pulses per second)

ton – overtone leries – long tones. measured vibrato – yayaya. no jagged edges… usually edges are at the bottom.. drop your mouth only… dont bite on it, b/c you lose resonance…

B -> high F#

B -> low Bb

take a whole breath on each note

every tone has an overtone

tone is your first impression – sound and time

flatten reeds on a piece of paper

know all fingerings for notes

all pinky keys are G#…

Bb = primary, A + side, biss, flute.. middle side key – B->C..

Chromatic fingerings

altissimo range – controlled squeak range.. C->G

mouthpieces – Alto – Meyer 6 med… Tenor – Ponzol

played with: Stan Kenton big band, inspector gadget, garfield, charlie brown


ray’s improv class

jazz players have good ears..

maj7, min7, dom7, 90% of the time

every musician analyzes chords. Digital licks for 6-8 hours on the bus for 40 minutes.

when things are not right, reach into your pocket…


the beg improv class:

we listened to the blues starting with straight no chaser…

“turn around” unwritten law – going backwards..

1. root function

2. character – Ma, Mi, Don

2nd measure – IV7, tritone substitution – F7 -> B7

7 – 3, 3 – 7 (Eb, A) (D#, A)

Ti and Fa are interchangeble

F7 – B13

B13 -> E (surprises)

II , 5 of the 5

D7 | Gm7 C7 || F13

always put a ii in front of a V

you can go anywhere from a I chord (Bach)

Clark Terry- real blues “my gal”

Riff – Jazz melody  –  play all the way through

Thad jones – a hunk a hunk

Basie Swing w/ contempoary voicings.

bass player is ahead by 1 beat. “happens to everyons”


major 7 blues – pretty blues. Blues for alice – ma7 blues

Next time: circle of Domimants – C13 – F13 – Bb13 – Eb13 – Ab13


so, after thanksgiving, we worked around our circle of 5ths, i was so ready to have all my scales put to the test!!.. and we only did one at a time..

i still feel a bit inhibited, but the instructor says “good job, Donna”.. much of the times.

it feels good to know all my scales…

piano sheets are hard, but i’m getting used to them…

Ray said that you can start a bar before to cause tension..

he doesnt like common tones, b/c he likes to play without aebersold!…

he told the pianists to play Root-5Root in the right hand (mccoy tyner)..

The law says that the bass player never stops (he doesn’t care if it’s the wrong note.. there must always be bass sound.)…

We will never get to where he wants us to be, b/c where-ever we go, he will want to push us more…

haha, i got asked to play in a motown band today 😛


big bannnndddd!

the concert is coming up… and i have almost all the music down… i need to work on the solos and on laying back on “when i fall in love”..

theres just so much to work on in the practice rooms…

rays big band was amazing!!! solfege solos and all 😛


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