like unrefined sugar…

i went up after class to say that all this makes sense to me now!

he said that i’d been using my ears, but now i’m able to use the knowledge… he said i had good ears 🙂

i said the anxiety has lessened, he said, “you betcha!”


the other instructor said, “donna, you are so creative”… b/c i played an Eb instead of an F#…

i was like, “huh?… I don’t know what I’m doing..”

He says, “you are creative.. it’s like unrefined sugar…”…


the next time around, he stopped the band.. saying he was the best transcriber there is… and he cant transcribe pat metheny, b/c he doesnt play straight rhythms… he said he cant transcribe what i’m playing either…

then he said i cannot play those things that i always play ever again in his presence… haha…

he said that i made a beautiful change, but that i came in a beat late.. its b/c i’m not keeping track of the time, but that i know where i am without really identifying it consciously..

basically, i can only play 8ths and quarter notes for the time being.. not quarter note triplets either!


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