let me tell you about the blues

blues – 12 bars… they are difficult to play, however, lots of noobs use the blues scale which gives the wrong impression!

C Eb F F# G Bb (for C7)

there are no 16 bar blues, you can have a blues with an extended 4 bars – “extended blues”

the reason why blues changes are messed up is b/c blues started during dixieland (triad city)

dimished triad is not for the diatonic 7ths

harmonic minor is the only one that the vii is dimished

Cmi7 -> F7 follows… Bdim7 is a passing chord and goes to Cm7 or Bbm7 (half steps)

dim is symmetrical, if you see it not moving correctly, it is b/c the root is probably wrong…

Cm7b5 goes up a 4th.. dominant… does not go up a half like the dim… its more a minor…

vii in major is ii in relative minor

the cheese standing alone – Cm7b5 -> Cbm7 (half diminished)

stan kenton was 6’6… disney land!

philadelphia symphony declared bankruptcy.

12 bar blues…. TRIADIC!!… I I I I IV IV I I V V I I

swing era: benny goodman, glenn miller, count basie: added the 6th to reduce dissonance… otherwise, they’d be major 7ths.. DO on the end of the would fight against the ma7… 6 is better for the melody…

swing blues was hypocritical.. people dancing to sad music..

bebop made everything dominant…a V chord…

commercial of putting a big battery into a small car.. (O [] <> ^)

blues scale, “just TRYING TO MAKE IT FIT”…

makes the audience cheer like you’ve hit a homerun..

choosing to teach b/c there is so much ignorance in the world…


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