Sectionals and Improvisating!

Big band is fun :)… we have sectionals now. Too bad I’m not around this week. I’ve learned that I can tell when I’m wrong, or when a lick is played wrong, but I myself have a hard time playing things right… I’m sure I’ll get better with time!

I helped 2 cabrillo profs with their websites, i guess that’s my way of giving back as I don’t feel like I deserve to have such awesome musical experiences…

we got to improv in our improv class… i’m ok at my scales, i’m glad i’m on horn…i cant really hear the other players, so i dont know if how they feel on their scales, but every one of the sax players have a good feel for improvisation… it’s cool 🙂

I was nervous, but as i said to another class mate.. i dont want to hit my prime too early… maybe its better to suck.. haha…

i can’t tell whether ray liked my solos, but he’d stop me when i’d diverge from the notes in the scale… its hard for me to realize it though, i often want to move chromatically…. i need to realize that this “isn’t a musical experience”… keep it mechanical!

i learned some stuff about the other instruments:

  • in scat singing, you use D’s and B’s… b/c you want to sound like a tenor sax (no Z’s)
  • when you play a ballad on a horn, you wanna sound like a vocalist
  • vocals are the hardest, b/c theres no reference point…
  • no vibrato all the time, you wait for it
  • play piano chords with both hands
  • no space between notes, make a “duh” sound
  • drummer has 4 way independents, pianists have 2
  • we get $.69 per hr with our instructor
  • always have the chart in front of you
  • clap on 2 and 4, unless latin

the instructor had us play major scale up and then solo..

i asked what pianos play when by themselves, and ray said piano sheet stuff..

i asked what do you do for triads, and ray said, you don’t have much to work with…


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