What’s the Bass Player Playing?!

Ahhh… I got a 90% on my test!!! I actually didn’t lose credit for the misplaced sharp in the key sig. I started my scales on the WRONG NOTE!!!!… Arrggg. That was the fault of me not paying enough attention in class. I remember writing down “What’s the bass player playing?…” and wondering what I meant by that! I’ll never forget now…

Last week I met with ray to show him the tunes i recorded… It was a hard chart for me to improvise on, I mean, only b/c I can tell I’m playing wrong notes when I try to solo on it… The changes, up to this point, havent meant much to me….

ray heard me and corrected my first note.. Grant it, I was playing during a break, and that was before the chart gave me chords, and no one has ever told me what notes to play during a break…

anyhow, he listened and nodded, good, ok, no… ok.. good… After the solo, he said i needed to play mechanically for now.. he said i was using my ears a little bit, but i need to use my brain…

USING MY EARS A LITTLE BIT?!!!… I tried to explain that I can do better when the chords make more sense…

I can’t believe my pride was bruised.. haha.. I was so used to people telling me i had good ears… No no, Ray has good ears.. I can just pretend to get by now and then…

At big band… Jon was talking about african influence to jazz music.. i asked him, what came out of china?… to which he said, nothing.. then i said, your nike shoes came from china.. hahahaha


anyhow, i was sitting up high in class today, away from everyone b/c i was trying to see what everyone was learning…

from our exam he said that 4 people are struggling, 1/2 of us are ontop of things.. the rest are halfway decent…

he then had pianists play C13, C#13, D13, Eb13, E13, and F13…..

both hands (octaves if they could)….

For basses, the root had to be on the first beat -> walking bass..

C, D, E, F, G, A Bb, B, C

Root on beat 1 of every 2 bars. Let the note ring!

Guitars were like Freddie Green from Basie’s band (rhythm guitar)… every 8th was a half step up and back (dampened)

Pianos played 1, 2, &.

I realized that horn is good for me.. cuz i know my scales, but i dont know KNOW my scales…

Afterwards i learned to do the C13 and walking bass on piano… IT WAS SOOO FUNNNNNNNNNNNN>…

k bye


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