I Can’t Live Without those Chords that Have the 7ths

I now know why i like jazz and gospel better than pop songs… it’s a matter of this one note — the 7th. Having chords with 4 notes is just so much more moving…

In other news, I’m trying to find a way to record my solos, b/c they suck much of the time. I don’t know why my nexus S is so bad at recording. This is unacceptable! In anycase, now i’ve finally learned why a note that worked in one measure, no longer works in the next… Apparently, the key signature sets it up and the chord changes are what directs the modulation. hah!.. I always suspected, but never knew why ūüėõ

  • slashes tell you the amount of time for a chord
  • never have more than 4 measures per line
  • open and close lines with bars

The answer to what key we are in when looking at the chord that is in the first mode is, as the instructors said, the color of washington’s white horse.

  • there are about 10 chord progressions that you’ll see
  • classical music is backwards from jazz (but i forget in which way)
  • every dom7 is a V (bracket the keys)
  • going up a half step is the most exciting (modulation)

how you get to play with someone:

  • know what you want to play
  • pick 3 tunes
  • at the last 15 minutes of the last set ask to sit in
  • play only one of them, then say, maybe next week
  • repeat 2 more times

The people he’d never call, he’s never called. He’d rather fly someone in!

  • bass player is on the root
  • everyone else is rootless
  • piano players play with 3 hands (when by themselves)
  • iii¬†chord is a sub for the I, gets very little use
  • back V -> vi – deceptive cadence
  • vi is a sub for a I
  • 90% of minors are ii chords
  • composition is about surprise, and a lot of it has been done before

Bach used mostly triads

  • romantic era went way ahead with extensions
  • bebop caught up
  • free jazz and contemporary classical is caught up with each other

do your scales while doing the dishes, but not while driving

  • you improve in these square waves… not a linear progression
  • minute rice what is wrong with the world
  • your rice will not be as good, if you try to do the 4 minute version
  • fastest to be able to play was seen in 3 years
  • if you are a half step off, you are eric dolphy

turn around progression goes from the end to the begining.

  • songs are generally 32 bars – 8 bar phrases, 4 each
  • instead of ending on the I for 3 bars (which is stagnant), put in subs
  • see chords in 2 ways: root/character
  • V -> I is the strongest progression (up a 4th)
  • horn players have their backs to the band

|Em7 A7| Dm7 G7|| (for C6 or Cma7)

Em7¬†to A7 is not a ii V, b/c Em7 is a iii. the vi is actually a VI dominant in jazz. In classical, it’s called¬†a 5 of 2.

  • turnaround tells¬†you whether you are with a worthwhile player
  • A7 changes it to the key of D

ii chord has fa,which means moving

  • ¬†2 sounds either moving or staying home
  • I -> do mi sol ti -> home
  • ii -> re fa la do -> moves
  • iii -> mi sol ti re -> home
  • IV -> fa la do mi -> moves
  • V -> sol ti re fa -> moves
  • vi -> la do mi sol -> home
  • vii -> ti re fa la -> moves

Bach did a lot of 4-5-1 changes…

  • fa -> mi =¬†AMEN
  • never have fa w/ an 11, b/c fa and mi can’t be together

the IV chord is an advanced technique


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