Life is good…

I’m sitting in the advanced big band, with some amazing players.. It’s like WHAT A PRIVILEGE. These guys are so good. It’s like an amazing big band concert. I want to hang out here whenever I can 🙂

Being here makes me realize how little I know. I mean.. I know I don’t know a lot, but now I know more about the things that I’ve yet to know. They are so goood… I’m melting into my seat… haha.

Big band was good for me. I practiced, but I need to be stronger on my parts. I need to feel the songs more so I can play better solos. We did one tune with trading between 1 and 2 tenor… That seemed awesome.

I can’t remember all that the director said, just that we have time issues. I mean, I noticed that I tend to rush. Also, it’s better to NOT play the written solo, if you know how to improvise. Oh, and never take a breath before crescendo.

The advanced big band is playing a funk tune, its funny to see the upright bass player laying it down.

I’m getting better at my scales.. I took some notes on the back of my scales sheet from last week… Here’s what I learned!

  1. the swung quarter note is always short
  2. first 8th is long (like a triplet)…. last one is short
  3. cut off on the downbeat of the rest

(then i wrote something about a hemiola).

In the improv class, I’m learning a bunch too. Almost everyone told me to take intermediate, but beginning is pretty beneficial. I know my scales but I dont KNOW KNOW my scales.

I failed on my first HW.. just kidding. I don’t know. We were supposed to do bass and treble clef, and I just did treble for the major scales. Oh well. Hopefully we dont need to do that for the triads. So here are some scale and chord facts:

  • subtract the # of sharps from 12 will give you the # of flats
  • brass prefers flats
  • strings and horns do sharps
  • we should know our scales in 3rds and 4ths (never stop playing scales)

chord stuff:

  • triad – three notes… add octave, and you have a chord
  • major scales can do anything
  • never heard of a jazz musician that didnt like classical music
  • diminished is lowered 3 and 5
  • minor is lowered 3
  • augmented is raised 5th
  • use raise and lower instead of sharp and flat
  • ma, mi, dim, aug (triangle works too, it means triad)
  • classical uses lowercase
  • double sharp is an x

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