Swinging with the changes

An update to a friend:

Hah!… I picked up music again at community college. I’m eating this stuff up. Learning about music is much more fulfilling this time around. I picked up my Mark VI and made it as the first Tenor in the (intermediate) big band. I’m ripping those solos up like never before. If anything, my ears have gotten much stronger over the years.

In my *other* life (metaphorically speaking, of course… haha), I’ll be finishing up some research. I played a bit of Elite Beat Agent and, more than anything, was drawn to it’s portrayal of narrative. My contributions to this industry will be in regards to narrative.

I picked up an Akai EWI, and played a gig on it. I wish there was more time to live more artistically with computer programming and build some neat demos, but I need to focus on one thing at a time for now.

Have you seen this iOS, Android, and MacOS app called the iRealb? I’ve been acquainted with the developer for it. He’s a jazz bassist in NY. It’s a brilliant app that could be useful for some fun interactive stuff someday.

For now, I’m a bit stuck in California, but I am going to end up in Asia soon after. I’ll probably start in Korea and work my way around China.

Like any jazz player, I play my heart out, b/c I know I got something to say. I find this a fitting metaphor for the greater things that I will be doing in the next 10 years of my life. For now, it’s a bit hard to say… All you can really do is swing with the “changes.”

I feel that you understand this more than the average cat šŸ™‚


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