Re-learning all the theory that I’ve forgotten!

back to basics! The clefs set up the 5 lines on the staff. About 3 or 4 people in our 30 person class don’t read music… hmm interesting. Also, 12 staff paper is too small… go with 10. Alto clef has middle C in the middle. The grand staff had 11 lines with C in the middle. There used to be an H key and back wrote a song that spelled his name.

Quarter tones, i think he said, is common in the east, but the west is built upon major scales. Half steps is the smallest interval. Eric Dolphy liked to be off by half steps. Major scale is the foundation for western music.

12 Majors will help you understand 90% of western music. 12 Harmonic minors will help with the next 9%. Together they are 99% of western music.

Accidentals come in 3 forms, sharps, flats, naturals. Sharps make a diamond shape. Flats are half hearts. Naturals are sharps with two lines missing. Changing octaves in the same measure does not maintain the same accidentals. Courtesy accidentals come in parens.

If someone miss-wrote an accidental, it throws off a musician. The band is most awake the first time. Mistakes tend to come later. Usually musicians mess up the last accidental in a scale.

I asked about C# and Db. He said that they arent the same. C# is higher than Db. Piano is a mediocre instrument, b/c it is well tempered.  Bbb is not an A, it looks like tomato juice, but it’s V8. Accidentals comes right infront of the note.

To write out a scale, just go line-space-line-space– enharmonics.

Our HW is to write out some scales… FUNNNN!!!

In other news, I’m having trouble getting the comping for latin songs. The different rhythms are hard to do on each hand 😛



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