I’ve never been first tenor ever. I’ve done bari and 2nd tenor my whole jazz life. Wow, what an honor! When we read charts, I try to concentrate so hard. I keep rushing and coming in early. I make it so obvious when I mess up, haha.

In jazz class we went over more musicians, pardon my misspellings of these names.

Even though we already did trumpets we talked about Freddie hubbard who was a “hard player.”

We  talked about playing a song 1/2 step up, which is somehow related to the “neopolitan chord”– a flat 2 chord.

There is still theory to free playing. Another way is to play 1 or 2 beats ahead.

They made the comment about my name. Apparently, Donna Lee  was based off of the changes of “Back Home Indiana.”

We also mentioned Bix Beiderbeck, Fats Navaro, Roy Hargrooves on trumpet.

Johnny Mandella (who write the shadow of your smile and time for love) is apparently one of the best composers.

Prop 13 wiped out music programs in CA and especially santa cruz. It’s harder on the horn and violin/cello players.

Jazzy players normally play in an octave and a half range.

on to Trombone players, or tall people:

  • curtis fuller
  • carl fontana
  • jj johnson
  • kai winding (jj and k)
  • jack teagarden
  • tommy dorsey
  • bill watris
  • dave escherman
  • rosolino


  • oscar peterson(did octaves a lot)
  • bill evans
  • art tatum (blind)
  • herbie hancock
  • bud powell
  • fats waller
  • red garland (1/2 beat before)
  • dave brubeck
  • arnold garner
  • george sheering
  • keith jarret
  • mccoy tyner (used 4ths)

a piano voicing is like using names to identify someone: rob, bobby, bob.

a pedal is the note on the bottom. rhythm guitarists play quarter notes. bass players used to stand in the front.

guitar players:

  • wes montgomery
  • joe pass
  • herb ellis
  • kenny burrell
  • george bensen
  • scofield
  • freddie green
  • grant giesner
  • les paul
  • johnny smith


  • ray brown
  • mingus
  • stanely clarke
  • christian mcbride
  • neils usten pederson
  • ron carter
  • dave holland
  • charlie hayden
  • oscar pederford
  • leroy vinegar
  • paul chamber
  • eddie gomez
  • scott lofaro (busy bass player)


  • art blakey
  • elvin jones
  • steve gad (jingle player, played what was called for)
  • philly jo jones
  • louis hayes
  • jackie jeanette
  • gene krupa
  • joe morello
  • max roach (solos)
  • tony williams (not play 4 on the floor)
  • buddy rich


  • billie
  • ella
  • bessie
  • sarah vaughn (hid albums from daughters, b/c she’d back up away from time)
  • dinah washington
  • john hendrix
  • nat king cole
  • anita o day
  • al jero
  • darmon weder
  • peter eldridge
  • mel torme
  • betty carter
  • bobby mcfarran
  • johnny hartman
  • take 6 (was awesome until quincy jones)
  • cab calloway


  • jean lu panty
  • stephan grapelli
  • regina carter
  • kronos quartet (not jazz players)

jazzy players rarely crossed into classical and vice versa. however, training in both is important.

straight/written style vs swung/feel style.

always write exactly as you wait it heard. Andre previn, pianist, well versed.





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