I think I made the band.. Well, everyone else thinks so, but it’s not official yet; although, the instructor did say he’d put me on T. Sax. Yay!… It’s funny, I mean every thought I’d make it, except me. Even though no other T. Saxes showed up, I still was worried I wouldn’t make it. I asked several times that night to the point where people laughed. “B/c I can always play vibes,” I’d say.

The pianist was like, “why didn’t you try out for combo…. All the horns get in.” I don’t have time to do improv, big band, AND combo! Plus, my combo from last semester is in the big band, so it’s like the semester never stopped. I mean, I hope they all get in. There were a few drummers, a lot of guitarists, and just enough saxes. Jon commented on how there were more trombones than saxes (that’s when you know you’re in trouble.)

I sat in the first tenor seat, but maybe it won’t be the case, if he lets in other saxes. I’m so used to listening to lead players that I doubt myself naturally and am a bit too timid. It’s funny how shy I get when I play music. I’m determined to get better at that!

I got mucho solos during auditions!… I got the comments that my solos got a lot better over the summer and they asked whether I’d been playing over the Summer. I mean, I haven’t played too much, but it really is the combo last semester that improved my improv and that I’m way less nervous this time around. I even got the comment that I was one of the best readers!!!.. I mean, maybe I’m a good faker, but you know what they say:

Fake it till you make it!


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