Voice, Vibes, or Piano?

I went to my first Ray Brown class today. I wish i could quit my other life and do music. Musicians are so full of wisdom. I decided to take beginning improv and big band. We’ll hold off on the voice stuff for now. Music is where I truly feel connected.

The last concert I did, I got grouped with the most talented group of cats. Lucky me. I wonder what this term will be like. These are some snippets from the class (I seriously love these stories):

  • Being mediocre is only knowing 3 scales
  • Vocalist tirade on how they should always choose piano
  • Tunes are built in a key, b/c thats how they fit the staff
  • Sinatra always introduced his musicians and arrangers
  • How many flats in B?.. haha, none
  • Balloon JUICE!
  • Ears need to be trained first
  • Bass is most important, grow a bass player.. like growing trees
  • The entire world does not know what the Arts are anymore, and it is a scary time to be alive
  • like sparta and athens.. math and science
  • Transcribing big bands while 12 yrs old.. like writing on a chalkboard after school… like looking at a map.

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