The Jazz in Me :)

One thing I wont forget is hearing all of Jon’s stories from my first jazz class at cabrillo. it was a special time to take it, b/c the normal guy… Ray was on sabbatical. Ray is a trumpet guy.. Jon is a sax player. That was a first win.

I did have private lessons, but i started so late. it seemed that i came into cabrillo with past combo experiences from my undergrad.. knowledge of the tunes, and experience improvising. i remember some theory from the minor i did in jazz, but even then i was such a n00b. These guys kept throwing me off with the whole double time stuff. i eventually caught on.

i had learned all my scales (kind of).. and my ears have gotten better.. The pianist said i had good ears.. so did the instructor.

there was one time when he said that half of the hundreds of students that go to cabrillo would never make it as fulltime musicians… but our combo was in the other half… i wrinkled my face, and pointed at myself… really?… i mean, maybe he was just being nice. i dont know.. but if not talent, i do have that twinkle in my eye that always keeps me in the band.

the instructor said that i had jazz in me… i like the sound of that… i do carry jazz in me.

other than that, i learned to hold my horn better… to do vibrato in time,.. to not scoop every note, to find good reeds.. and to PLAY IN TUNE… haha.. i’m such a noob. there’s so much that i didn’t pick up.

… but what i liked learning about was just band dynamics from stories told by jon about the life of music and playing on cruise ships..

i’m gonna try out on vibes next time for big band…


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