Duncan and the Donuts

What a privilege it was to play music with such talented individuals. What a moment it was on the stage as we introduced ourselves as Duncan and the Donuts. I remember the first concert as I froze when we were playing My Funny Valentine… Luckily, I kept going as if I meant to do that… but I didn’t really fool anyone.

In any case, I’ve definitely “leveled up” in regards to being a musician. Next time, I won’t be so scared. I’m for sure going to be taking some more classes this fall. The concert was great.. I had some other friends come. What a privilege it was to be announced by the direction, Jon, as the band with the people with the most experience. For sure, I was the black sheep of that group.
I love when amazing people come together. I’ve determined that this group of people will continue on to change the world.

  • the visionary – one had all the great ideas for song arrangements.
  • the ground breaker – fiercely independent, highly opinionated, non-conformist.. this one WILL change the world someday.
  • the shepherd – one had a heart for people.. almost to his own detriment.
  • the problem solver – he had his mind on the task, the one to find optimal solutions to given situations
  • the joy and freedom bringer – i could probably think of a better name, but there was one who was always cheerful no matter how much tension was in the room

what an amazing combination. the instructor, jon, addressed the issue of the tension toward the end of last spring saying all but me and another member were responsible for tension every practice. I don’t know, i mean, despite the snarkiness, they all seemed to love each other.. I interrupted the somewhat awkward moment and said..

i just want to say something, i just really love everyone here and i wouldn’t want to be in a combo with any other people… I couldn’t imagine it any other way..

Everyone laughed..


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