infinitely distractable…

In some way, I’ve been an artist my whole life. I’ve taken most of my work offline, as I feel a need to reinvent myself lately. These projects are now officially all “works in progress.” I am the type to do things in parallel, so hopefully my distractability won’t hinder my production to the point of not having anything to show for my life’s works. I wanted to give descriptions of all my projects, to give you an idea of what to expect to see in the future.

I believe presentation is key these days, and the message, well, the message is everywhere all around us. Art isn’t about cramming an idea, feeling, or thought, into an experience, it’s about filtering out all the non relevant stuff, so people can reflect and meditate on just a few interrelated ideas and concepts. So, therefore, I am going to polish off of my past endeavors into digestible packages, as people don’t have time to waste in being confused. Basically, people are lazy, stupid, and want everything done for them in order to appreciate anything anymore.


  • Letters from God – will be an interactive experience where a person checks their mail daily. This is actually a new project I just started about a week ago.
  • A city named Impossible – is a short game that has a simple play and a complex narrative. It involves a girl and a red balloon (I love Banksy). It’s inspired by the movie shown in the image above– Me and You and Everyone We Know.
  • A dragon named Despair – this is a counter perspective to “A city named Impossible.” It involves a knight, princess, and dragon.
  • TriUne – a 2-d style RPG that uses the UCPOP planner to determine perspectives and scenes in a robin-hood like setting.
  • Me & My House – dialog between a little girl and the universe, as she observes the world around her.
  • Where’s my child? – a mother, who lost her child in the generation gap, has only the internet and social media to connect with her child.
  • Technical Difficulty – an art piece where dueling computers, through their speakers, fall, gradually, into insanity.
  • Real or Pretend – flipping around 2 worlds, which one is then real, and which is pretend?
  • hide & go seek – a parody on life, relationships, and intimacy.
  • eternity. – is an interactive fiction written in Inform 7. It anthropomorphizes the 7 deadly sins to show the daily subconscious struggles of a a person dealing with the choice to wake up or not on a given morning.
  • What is my power? – as a lover of comic books and super heroes, this draws parallels between real life and the supernatural within all of us.
  • musical literacy – a musical installation on the state of music comprehension.
  • Lasting Impressions – a facebook “client-side” application that uses Greasemonkey to put notes and messages on other people’s pages. Messages that only the user ever sees. This one, I don’t feel like revamping, as facebook continues to change itself, making my code inoperable. I’ll write about its concept later on.
  • Also, I have a few musical compositions…

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